Seborrheic Dermatitis Cure

My True Story
I had been 4 years with seborrheic dermatitis. Intense flaking of skin on my eyebrows.
This was confirmed by 2 dermatologists in Germany. Which is a country with an extremely high standard for doctors.
All they could do is give me anti-fungal cream

When i ate sweets or drank alcohol it got really horrible. I am not a very nascistic person.
Usually, i don't care what other people think about me but my dermatitis got to a point where i was trying to make it look better before going out. After 2 years it started on my beard too above my lips on the right side.
After another year a small patch started showing on my left side
There were rare incidences where it got a little bit better and then much worse again
After 5 years i started getting problems with my stomach and intestines but they were unrelated but much more serious including a peptic ulcer.
So i started researching how to improve my health. Keep in mind that i always used to do a lot of sport but that didn't seem to affect the dermatitis.
I also tried everything from fungal creams and whenever i searched for something there was advice on using something topical. Intuitively, i knew that this wouldn't become a permanent solution. So by pure coincidence and months of reading and trying out i arrived at a cure. I was trying to treat something completely unrelated and just happend to notice that my dermatitis doesn't come back even when i drink alcohol or eat tons of sweets.
I can give you a 100% guarantee that the cure i have for your dermatitis is something you would have never thought of.
I apologize for charging for my cure but i only take $5 which is less than going out for a lunch and it will save you lots of trouble.

What surprised me the most that the benefits started showing in a few days but since i was trying to treat something else i only realized it a week later

So here goes my Seborrheic Dermatitis Cure Protocol
(Interestingly enough, it improves a lot of other parts of your health and life as well not just your dermatitis)
I am a real person who had real problems with this dermatitis. you can write me here: daniel if you don't believe me. I also added a way to comment here so we can stay in touch if you have questions. my skype is: danieltravolto

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